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  WINTER 2003  ISSUE 92  


Winter 2003 Issue 92
The Link Magazine COPYRIGHT © 2003 by The Link Committee. Reproduced with permission.

The Link
Winter 2003             Issue 92

Three Candles

Happy Christmas

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Ministry team:
Robert Morgan (Lower Farm, 748848) priest-in-charge;
licensed lay ministers: Brian Andrews (777011);  Liz Shatford (772598).
Church Wardens:
Mrs Marjorie Harris (24 Henley Road) and
Ray Lee (93 Henley Road).
Organist: Daniel Chambers. Choirmaster: Christian Bradley.
St Andrews Church

Sunday services:

8.00 a.m. (First Sunday of the month)    Holy Communion BCP
10.00 a.m. (Weekly) Parish Communion
11.15 a.m. (Last Sunday of the month) Family service
6.30 p.m. (Weekly) Evening prayer

Preparing for Christmas
There's a lot to do - it's a busy time of year. No celebration without preparation. And it's an opportunity to party a bit and cheer up the winter months. A much needed break. A bit threatening too. Time and leisure spent in difficult circumstances for some, and a gaping emptiness for some. Oddly, the minority who will have a hard time this Christmas may stand closer to what the religious festival is about. 'Joy to the world' is an offer that will not be universally heard because we are sometimes not ready for it. So we make do with a less demanding celebration and are a bit vague about what we are celebrating.

There is a baby involved - and that is usually Good News. So we concentrate on the family, and there is merit in that. But the 3½ weeks of Advent invite Christians to some more sober thoughts, and challenge us to get our lives in perspective, and teach us to number our days. The end of the calendar year is a time to review the past twelve months and set a course for the New Year.

2003 will be remembered as the year of the Iraq War and the folly and panic that the fear of terrorist attacks have begun to stir up. The world that the light of Christmas wants to illuminate is a dark place, even if we are able to close our eyes to the darkness and have some fun. May it be a joyful time - but in Advent we are invited first to open our eyes and see our lives in their true light - and act on what we discover. The Christmas carols, the midnight mass, the celebrations of Christmas morning, will then shine in their true light, the light that lightens up everyone, coming into the world

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Sunday 21st December
11.15 p.m.
6.30 p.m.
Carols by Candlelight

  11.30 p.m.   MIDNIGHT MASS

8.0 a.m.   Holy Communion (BCP)


Sunday December 28th
10.0 a.m. Parish Communion   (no 11.15 Service)
6.30 p.m. Evening prayer

Sunday January 4th   (no 8.0 a.m.)
10.0 a.m. Parish Communion
6.30 p.m. Evening Prayer

At Littlemore church:
 Sunday 14th December 5.0 p.m.   Christingle service
Tuesday 16th December 7.0 p.m.   Community carol service
Tuesday 24th December 6.0 p.m.   Blessing of the crib

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Sandford Ladies Social Club     Report by Joan Inston (715788)
Barry and Barbara
welcome you to the
Catherine Wheel
38 Henley Road
Sandford-on-Thames, Oxford OX4 4YP
Tel: 01865-778340
Hot and Cold Bar Food
Traditional Sunday Roast Lunches    
Real Ales
Large Garden     Ample Car Park
Parties and Outside Functions catered for
In September, Joan held a Coffee Morning at her home in Church Road. Seventeen ladies gathered together, and had a lovely time; the weather was warm and sunny, so some folk sat outside or under the gazebo, while others preferred to stay in the conservatory. We had a sale table and a bring and buy stall, and the usual raffle, which raised 65 for St Andrew's Church Building fund. Tea and coffee were served by the co-opted waiter, along with a variety of refreshments.

On October 18th seven of our ladies went for lunch in the Crusader Bar at the Four Pillars hotel. While we were there a wedding reception was being held and we were lucky enough to see the bride and groom passing through, which added interest to our own visit. We all enjoyed our lunch, and there was a lot of chatter and laughter.

We wish everyone a very merry Christmas
and a happy and prosperous New Year.

Cruse Bereavement Care
When someone we love dies, we often feel unable to burden the people around us with our grief, or we experience complex emotions such as anger and resentment. Cruse has learned that completely confidential time and talking can bring comfort and understanding.
Our volunteer telephone helpers and counsellors are trained to help adults, as well as children and young people and their families.
If you think we could help you please call the Oxford branch
of Cruse on 245398 or the national helpline on 0870 1671677.
If you are interested in training as a volunteer telephone helper or counsellor
and would like more details please call Pam and Brian Andrews on 777011 or the administrator of Oxford Cruse on 202242.

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to Karen, Paul, Jessica (2) and Elie (1) to Batten Place from nearby
to Richard and Jackie Powell. Katie (16), Sian (12) and Shannon (10) to Heyford Hill Lane
to Joan and Sarah Loveday and also to Mick Bonfield to The Crescent
to Matthew Ford and Marita Coles to Burra Close
Sandford resident seeks moorage
for small motor cruiser (18')
close to Sandford Lock.

Please contact Glynis Chantrell,
12 Rock Farm Lane,
Sandford-on-Thames. (773687).

Welcome to the world
to Hannah Gwendolen, a first daughter born in November to Jonathan and Fiona McLoone of Church Road
to Sophia McKisack born on 20th November to Catherine and Nick, a sister to Jonathan and William
to Jack Antony, a firstborn son to John and Emma
to Joshua David Poznanski, a son for Victor and Phillipa and little brother for Ilana
to Kiera Adela McCarthy, a third to Andrew and Christine of Henley Road, and sister for Cameron and Freya.

to Dorothy Jones on her latest greatgrandchild, via James and Nicola
to Liz and Michael Turner on their latest grandchild, via Nick and his wife.

The vicar thanks Dave and
Toni Whitlam of Main Avenue
for their donation cementing the
results of his inadequate driving.
I wonder if there are parents interested in starting a walking bus from the Kings Arms, Sandford on Thames. People could park at the pub. The ring becomes horribly congested in the mornings, and I am sure walking along nice quiet roads is not only safer for our children, it may also be quicker. If you think a walking bus, at say 8.30 from the Kings Arms, and leaving school at 3.20 is workable, please contact me on 773569. We would need a group of us to 'conduct' the bus. I will contact the council to see if they offer advice, reflective things etc for safety. I look forward to hearing from you - Sue Facey

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Cruse bereavment care Aspects of

a series of 8 lectures
in Oxford beginning

January 15th 2004
at 7.30 p.m.

For more details and an application form ring
01865 202242
or write to:
Oxford Cruse, Wesley Memorial Hall,
New Inn Hall Street, Oxford OX1 2DH
Toddlers (and Parents): Monday mornings in the village hall.
At Christmas Hannah moves away. She has done a wonderful job leading this flourishing and indispensable group - many thanks Hannah - your village appreciates you! The Group restarts on Monday 12th January. Enquiries to Michelle (15 Janaway, tel. 748257) or Jackie (22 Keene Close, tel. 776598).
Meanwhile Father Christmas will be joining the party on 15th December - a past event by the time the Link is out.

Youth Club
A great term's events, trips, A-team, glass painting, quiz etc. ends when our marvellous Club leader Naomi Crawford takes a sabbatical to go around the world. While she is away Michelle (see above) will return to the scene of her great work in the past to lead the club again. It will restart on Wednesday 14th January at 7.30 in Village Hall. Programme at planning stage. Extra voluntary help sought and much appreciated. Enquiries/suggestions, contact Michelle or the Chairman at the Link office (748848).

for all ages offered by Daniel Chambers,
Sandford church organist and
organ scholar elect at Worcester College.
20 per hour - and I am happy to travel
and to teach at your home.
I am also happy to play for special occasions.
Excellent local references.
Please ring 01491-838962
Rugby triumph
- as predicted in the last Link our lads did us proud, with the support of Welsh and other celtic supporters joining up for this occasion. Cut it a bit fine, mind you. Good job the Welsh kicker was having a bad day, because another upset at that quarter- final stage would have caused civil war. So let's see what the six nations can offer - meanwhile we all bask in reflected glory and send notes of condolence down under to the Charltons. Better luck next time?

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If you have access to the internet, do visit the Sandford website
[web site no longer active]
it's constantly updated and has loads of
really interesting information about Sandford.

Also the old 'Link' web site is in the process of moving to
a new location, so why not have a look at the new
'Sandford On Thames village magazine on line' which can be found at
Here you can find, past editions of The Link magazine,
along with information about the parish council,
the latest news on the village appraisal, a diary of local events

The Four Pillars

Henley Road, Sandford on Thames, Oxford OX4 4GX
Telephone: (01865) 334444 . Fax: (01865) 334400

WEB Email:

Set in 30 acres of glorious parkland on the banks of the Thames.

Open to non residents for drinks, light meals and riverside dining.
Carvery lunch on Sundays.

Conferences, Weddings (including Ceremony) and private parties.

Telephone 01865 334444.

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A Village Appraisal for Sandford? - DEFINITELY YES!

    This was the very encouraging result from the village open meeting held on September 22nd. In a full hall, over 60 people found out the details of the green belt issues (a big thank you to Liz for this) and also to hear an informative talk by Steve Daniels, explaining how a village appraisal would enable us to strongly promote our preferred future for the village.

Is our village all it could be?
    Those who came along were also able to look over several displays showing how the appraisal could be developed. In a mini-survey, there was an opportunity for people to add their own comments to a "village likes and dislikes" list and to a transport survey. This gave some interesting and varied results, but the vast majority of people liked the idea of a small and friendly, green village, outside the City of Oxford.
    The major dislike was the amount and speed of traffic through the village, but also mentioned were problems of poor transport, crime, vandalism and what might be called 'youthful excess'. Most commonly suggested was a need for some type of traffic calming and the return of a village shop. These comments are an excellent start point for the appraisal project, so thank you to all those who took part.

So people do indeed care...
    At the end of the meeting, fully half the audience volunteered to form a ' working group' to help in setting up and running the appraisal. Usefully, together they also form a representative cross-section of people in the village. At a subsequent meeting of the working group, the process of an appraisal was discussed in more detail and how best to run one in Sandford.

So what's going to happen...
    The working group discussed a basic timetable and target dates were agreed that will lead to a result next summer. Further debate identified surprisingly extensive lists of groups to consult and to be lobbied, if the results are to be worthwhile.
    Clearly there is going to be lots of work to do! To drive the project forward, a 'steering group' was also formed and Steve Daniels was asked to take on project co-ordination and Mick Hills the project's administration. After detailed analysis of results and the lobbying of Councils and Service Providers etc. the resulting draft plan is expected to be ready for public

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English School
discussion by May and the subsequent final action plan in the summer.
    So important is it to ensure that the draft plan really represents the consensus of the village, the steering group plans to put on a 'drop in' party to get your views. Something to look forward to...

And what's happening now?    In December we expect to finalise the arrangements for consulting the village in January and February, to include a special survey focussing upon the young people of our village. To encourage a very high level of response, we hope to secure some attractive free draw prizes.
    In parallel to this, we hope to seek comments in the Science Park, Pubs, Hotel and from river users who often regularly visit, but do not live in, our village. The third element of the process is sharing ideas with neighbouring villages to achieve even more pressure from even more numbers.
    The costs of the appraisal are relatively modest, but the intention is to minimise the impact on Parish Council activities through grant applications that have been submitted to South Oxfordshire District Council, the Countryside Agency and to Siemens Plc's Community Fund.

More information...    A report on our further progress will appear in The Link's spring issue and updates will also be posted on the web site.
    If you missed the September open meeting and would like to know more, Mick Hills would be pleased to hear from you. Just drop a note in to 18 Rock Farm Lane or e-mail 'appraisal @ sandfordonthames. co. uk'

[appraisal info]

Are You An Experienced MS-ACCESS Programmer ?
The Village Appraisal will involve processing responses from up to 600
households and young people. The working group would be pleased to hear
from you if you could spare some time to set up our consultation database.
If you would like to assist us in helping the village,
please do contact us at the above address.

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Mobile Library
The mobile library will
be outside the Fox
every second Tuesday
from 11.55 - 12.10,
starting on the
13th January.
Sandford water
Jon McLoone, of Church Road, writes: With the River Thames so important to the beauty of Sandford-on-Thames, residents may be interested to know just how dramatically it can change.
The graph below shows the water height measured at the tail-gate of the lock throughout last winter. With record rainfall upstream the water rose over 8 feet from its summer levels, sometimes rising as much as 18 inches in a day. Fortunately, thanks to natural flood plains above and below Sandford, the water would have needed to be significantly higher above even these extraordinary levels before Sandford would have at risk of the damage suffered by Oxford last year. This year the water has remained peacefully around the 8 foot mark.

Dumped cars
Please telephone SODC Public Amenities
on 01491 823416 or email to
to report an abandoned vehicle on a public highway.
If you have a car that you no longer need or want,
the Council can collect it from your home
and take it off your hands for just 27.
Telephone or email as above.
The Fox Pub

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Rest in peace

Mrs Gwen Earp b. 13th September 1924, died 11th September 2003
Gwen cam from a large Sandford family, as her maiden name Beecham indicates (see war memorial in church for her brother Maurice, also buried here.) She was born at 3 Mill Cottages (now River View), her father working at the mill, but the family had to move out of the tied cottage when he contracted TB. Gwen served in the ATS during the war and worked at the Nuffield Hospital, then later at the JR maternity wing. Although she emigrated to Cowley and Headington after marrying Eric, Sandford is where her roots (and some of her offshoots - younger Maurice and family) belong, so it was good she came back for burial, in sight of Henley Road. She was a very special person, greatly loved by her large (five children) family, and we join in offering our sympathies to Eric, the five 'children', Gillian, Helen, Maurice, Lynda, and Susan and eleven devoted grandchildren (including Sandfordette Kerry, and Richard) and seven great grandchildren.

Michael Franklin
b. 6th May 1937, died 19th October 2003
Michael and Sue moved into Main Avenue in 1999. A Cowley man, Michael had lately been working with the ambulance service as a voluntary driver, after a variety of jobs. They married in Sandford church on 27th August 2001, a memorable occasion. As he left his new home for the church, looking smart as usual, Bob Oliver (remembered with affection) said, 'You're looking good, Michael'. 'Should have seen me 20 years ago', he replied. Twenty-six months later a packed crematorium heard son-in-law Matt quote a close friend from Canada recalling 'his cheeky smile, irresistible personality and sense of humour that was priceless'. Michael's dry humour was well known. As he said to this friend 'You're so lucky to have me as a friend, Al. All I have is you'. Frank Sinatra was heard at the end (Come fly with me) and at the entry Moonlight in Vermont, where Sue and Michael had just spent an unforgettable holiday. Deepest sympathies to Sue, well supported by Lisa and Jo, and to Simon and Sarah and all the rest of the family. Lots of us will miss Michael, and the atmosphere at his funeral and after it reflected in the best possible way what this precious man meant to so many people.

in the Village Hall
every Thursday 7.0 for 8.0
in aid of Village Hall funds
Private functions: 10 per hour
Bookings phone: 07759-890696

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Notes from meetings October - December 2003

Chairman: Nigel Northcott (773569); Clerk: Liz Shatford (772598)
Councillors: M Norton, M Inston, H Hutton, M Hills, P Tuson, I Reveco

District Councillor's report J Stimson reported on a meeting at SODC at which H Hutton and some of the residents committee had made a very successful presentation. It was hoped to set up a task group. There was now an element of harassment occurring by the owner mainly aimed at the more vulnerable residents. The parish council supported residents and protested at the treatment they were receiving.
County Councillor's report Apart from fighting for a lessening of the gravel extraction requirements especially relating to the Berinsfield area, R Tudor Hughes report formed part of the Green Belt discussion. The parish council were concerned about the disruption to village life caused by the recent home match at the Kassam Stadium which hadn't even been a full capacity crowd. The measures taken to date were ineffective. If the 1,000 houses south of Grenoble Rd became a reality how would the huge increases in traffic be accommodated? R Tudor Hughes said he would see if the provision of the 700 agreed parking spaces at the stadium could be hastened. Control Plus was not doing an adequate job of enforcement.
R Tudor Hughes suggested that P Egawhary arrange a meeting with him and parish council representatives to walk the site and view the problem areas.

Matters for consideration
* Green Belt - N Northcott said he felt that we were powerless in the face of the threat from other bodies, witness the Kassam Stadium which had been forced through and imposed on us and which was still causing huge problems in regard to traffic. We were also being bombarded with other applications by the Donnington Hospital Trust for two large sites within the village envelope and now for a new roundabout which was obviously placed to enable access to one of these sites. He suspected that various authorities and agencies were in cahoots and he asked is it worth protesting? J Stimson said he couldn't comment about anyone being in cahoots but he also is concerned about the impact of the Kassam Stadium and in hindsight thinks maybe SODC could have done more.
The officers at SODC had scrutinised the Draft Deposit Structure Plan and thought that in the context of the document as a whole the relevant paragraph H1 was an aberration and last minute addition. SODC was in total

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Classic Curtains
67 Henley Road, Sandford on Thames, Oxford OX4 4YW
Tel & Fax 01865 774504   *mobile 07717744294   *

* Quality handmade treatments:
curtains   blinds   pelmets and valances   sways and tails
* Full measuring and hanging service
* Free 1 hour consultation
* Free estimates

Good choice of fabric also available

opposition to any breach of the Green Belt and would vigorously oppose the Donnington Hospital Trust applications as well as the Structure Plan proposal. J Stimson and R Tudor Hughes thought it was certainly worth fighting. The information for comments to be made about the Structure Plan was now posted on the SODC website with a downloadable form for objections.
J Stimson thought it would be beneficial if a wider approach to objection be taken apart from individuals. For instance as well as a formal response from the parish council, he thought it would be useful to form a group of the local parishes involved i.e. Nuneham Courtney, The Baldons, Garsington, Horspath to make a united response. Nuneham Courtney's meeting was to be held next week and maybe someone from Sandford might attend. He would notify clerk of time and place. He suggested he would contact Ann Tomlin of Garsington who was also a District Councillor, as well as useful people from the district council and N Northcott would invite them and representatives of the affected parishes to a meeting in the village hall as soon as possible in order that a united response could be formulated.
R Tudor Hughes said that the Draft Plan was obviously too site specific in the case of the H1 clause and it had been inserted as a spur of the moment matter following up to two years of preparatory work on the plan. He had had only 24hrs notice of the amendment. He said that members were anxious to remove 1,000 houses from the original Bicester provision but would probably be happy to accept an alternative placement for them. 37 had voted for the plan as it stood and 22 against but this could change and he thought that if representations were made and an alternative to Grenoble Rd found then he thought that the vote could change when the consultation comments were

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collated. He could see 3 alternatives:-
1. SODC will find space for 1,000 houses elsewhere
2. Propose that 1,000 houses be put back to Structure Plan working party, this would involve delay.
3. A new specific location could be found outside SODC, this would cause trouble with other districts.
R Tudor Hughes was reasonably optimistic that a solution could be found.

* Village appraisal - following the initial meeting, a very successful public meeting had been held attended by about 70 residents representing all the different areas of the village. From that had come 36 volunteers and at a subsequent meeting 24 people had come to form a working group from whom about 9 would form a steering group. N. Northcott congratulated M. Hills on the very successful progress so far, and hoped the momentum could be kept up. The parish council unanimously offered all possible support.

* Church Rd recreation ground - a complaint had been received about groups of young people congregating noisily on the recreation ground and partying until the small hours. The beat officer had recommended dialing 999 if an infringement of the law was thought to be occurring.

Planning - New roundabout on A4074. PC unanimously agreed to oppose this proposal.

Minutes of the meeting held on Monday November 03 2003
Matters arising: Park Homes problems - a meeting had been called by the parish council to try and resolve persistent and unresolved problems.

Matters for consideration
* Traffic calming - It was agreed that the OCC would be contacted to request action on Science Park moneys and Kassam moneys to create mini roundabout and pinch point narrowing at Church Rd junction.

Minutes of the meeting of the Parish Council held on Monday December 1st 2003 at 7.0 p.m. in the Village Hall

Matters arising At the AGM of the Park Homes Residents Association on many questions had been put to the officers from the floor but no satisfactory answers received. J Stimson said Councillors had been shocked by the non enforcement of regulations and a task group of Members had been agreed by the scrutiny committee to make recommendations. He suggested the site owner should be asked to prepare a phased plan to show how improvements would be made over the next 10 yrs. The Clerk to write to the SODC Chief Exec. to

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reiterate concerns and request a reconvened meeting next May at which the task group's report could be presented.

District Councillor's report J Stimson reported that he had attended the recent Fringe Area Forum where one of the agenda items was the proposed threat to the Green Belt. Oxon County officers had received over 3,000 responses from the public which was unprecedented. He still thought it was a good idea for Sandford to take the lead and invite other interested local parish councils to form a combined parishes group to campaign. Clerk would sound out contacts on other parishes.

Matters for consideration
* Green belt - by invitation, John Howells of Warborough parish council spoke to the meeting on behalf of the 9 Parishes Against Gravel Extraction group which had been set up to fight the proposal to extract gravel from an enormous area of south Oxfordshire. They had put together a substantial objection, mainly on these grounds:-
o The area of extraction would be visible from a very large area.
o The gravel extracted would not be needed in Oxfordshire
o The percentage of total gravel extraction was too great for south Oxfordshire
o The major impact of extra heavy haulage traffic on local roads.
It was the last item which would particularly affect Sandford. So far SERA was ignoring Oxfordshire's objections, the timetable for consultation had been extended and it was hoped to petition in the new year.
The parish council agreed to consider taking part in the petition when it was ready and would consider a donation towards costs later.
* Traffic calming - The county council proposal to paint traffic calming measures on the roads had been dismissed as being inappropriate and too short lived. Mr Kassam had been approached about a contribution from the stadium but he said the benefit to Sandford of traffic calming would be greater than disturbance caused by matches. This would be pursued through Oxford City Council planning department. The Clerk would write to County Council regarding the highways signs on the A4074 and ask for them to be removed or covered over if they were not legally constituted. It would be preferable for stadium traffic to be directed up to the Heyford Hill roundabout and then back rather than through the village. * Rock Farm project - Clerk would investigate taking up the lease on this land from Magdalen College via Savills

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Your local maintenance man, builder, carpenter.
Mature, honest and trustworthy - excellent local references.
Sandford-on-Thames tel. ******
[now retired]
Refuse Vehicles

for use by villagers:
for dates and times,
please see
Parish Council

City centre waiting room
50 yards CarfaxCentral heating
Light refreshments24 hr service
Zero meterNo surcharge outside city
Phone 240000

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